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Cybernetic Sex // Subversive Networks // Poetic Technology

Gabriella Garcia is a writer, performer, and poetic technologist. She is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU's Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP), where her research focuses on the protection of radical self-expression, networked subcultures, and cybernetic intimacy. In addition to her own research, Gabriella is the current acting Managing Editor of Adjacent, ITP's journal for emergent interactive media. Gabriella sits on the Community Advisory Board for Urban Justice Center’s Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP). Gabriella is also the curatorial artist-in-residence at The Postcontemporary in Troy, NY, where she is cultivating a run of artists who intend to make work that interacts with the landmarked Woodside Church that houses the residency program.

As a performance artist, Gabriella works to create spaces ruled by vulnerability. She has performed in work curated by New York Restoration Project in partnership with the Brooklyn Academy of Music (LEIMAY), The Watermill Center (LEIMAY), SPRING/BREAK Art Show, MANA Contemporary, and Otion Front Studio. Her work has appeared at CultureHub, Pioneer Works, Museum of Sex, and Secret Project Robot. She is a founding collective member of Brooklyn's experimental performance sanctuary Trevorshaus.

Resumé and CV available upon request at hello @ hi gabriella . com


“What would tech look if it was designed by sex workers? What values would be embedded into the design?”

This project is supported by NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Original thesis research available here

Past Research: VIRTUOSO

“By aligning the body’s built in reward system with making art, creativity becomes a pleasure activity with an internalized incentive.” 

Read full research and design documentation here

In writing: SUBVERSIVE NETWORKS & other notes

In conversation with radical explorers of technology and art.



Experiments in creative coding & creation-based research.